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E3 Turbo - Exterior Grade

In environments characterised by high humidity and water exposure, E3 Exterior Grade MDF Boards prove to be the ideal choice. These boards are engineered to address the challenges posed by daily use, particularly in kitchens where moisture and humidity are constant concerns.

E3 Exterior Grade MDF Boards are specifically designed to enhance sustainability and resilience in Indian kitchen settings, effectively addressing the natural challenges that we encounter in our daily lives. These boards boast exceptional water resistance and are meticulously crafted to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, making them exceptionally well-suited for a wide range of applications in damp conditions. 

Choose E3 Exterior Grade MDF Boards to ensure long-lasting performance and durability in water-prone environments and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior quality and reliability.

2440mm x 1220mm 3mm to 35mm One-side laminated (OSL), 
 Both-side laminated (BSL)
 One-side Bare (OSB)
 Both-side Balancing (BSB)
Suede and Matt

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