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Pre-Laminated MDF

The Pre-laminated MDF board, referred to as MDF laminated board, represents a pinnacle of performance and aesthetics. This board is meticulously engineered to exhibit remarkable moisture resistance, scratch resistance, and an unparalleled ability to withstand abrasion, cracks, and stains. Its low-maintenance attributes make it a practical choice for various applications.

well-suited for environments where dimensional stability is paramount, such as kitchen cupboards, cabinets, and bathroom installations. Its high-quality construction guarantees durability and longevity, even in the most demanding settings.

Our Pre-laminated MDF board is available in a range of variations, including HDWR, Exterior Grade MDF, and Interior Grade MDF. Furthermore, it comes in different configurations, including one-side laminated, both-side laminated, one-side bare, and both-side balancing, ensuring that you have access to a versatile palette of options to meet your specific requirements.

 4.6mm to 25mm – Interior Grade MDF
 5.5mm to 25mm – Exterior Grade MDF
 5.3mm to 18mm – HDMR
2440mm x 1220mm

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